Stay Hydrated In The Workplace

Why Does Our Body Need Water? Our body comprises of 50% – 70% water to help regulate its temperature and maintain other bodily functions.  We all lose water through sweating and digestion, so it’s imperative to stay hydrated by drinking water. Does your work place have a water cooler?   What Happens If We Don’t Get Enough Water? Your energy levels drop and you feel groggy – so reach for a glass of water rather than tea or coffee. You lose focus – your brain’s… Continue Reading

“Are you drinking at work?”

A latest report into keeping dehydrated at work 86% of respondents believe that they should be drinking five or more glasses of water a day, yet only 13% actually are. 46% of respondents are drinking only one or two glasses of water a day at work. 64% of companies reported that men don’t drink as much water at work as women; instead they turn to tea, coffee and soft drinks; they also tend to be less health conscious than women, and not as aware of… Continue Reading

Drinking water is important for weight loss

Water is important to every body, and especially for those who are trying to loose weight by dieting: • When dieting, initial weight loss is largely due to a loss of water, and you need to drink an adequate amount of water in order to avoid dehydration. • The process of burning calories requires an adequate supply of water in order to function efficiently; dehydration slows down the fat- burning process. • Burning calories creates toxins (think of the exhaust coming out of your car),… Continue Reading

How much water should I drink when exercising?

How much water should I drink when exercising?

From the regular gym-goer to an endurance athlete, these are the guidelines you should follow: A humble glass of H2O may not be the most popular pre-workout tipple (caffeine rightly takes the crown there), but it’s certainly the most essential. A study published in the journal Sports Medicine found dehydration “consistently attenuates strength (by 2%), power (by 3%) and high-intensity endurance (by 10%).” As a rule of thumb, drink a 250ml glass of water 30 minutes before you hit the gym to ensure your muscles… Continue Reading

How Long does it take to install a Mains Fed, Point of Use Water Cooler?

Be be aware that Mains fed and  point of use are the same, just different wording is used within some industries. You will be so surprised with the ease of this, a mains fed water cooler is connected directly to the mains water supply within your establishment. With a filtered mains fed water cooler it reduces the chlorine, fluoride and earthy taste to your drinking water. The taste is vastly improved and you will be so surprised. From having a Gorilla waterCooler, mains fed water cooler within… Continue Reading

Water, The Ultimate Detox Tool

Powerful Water Detox Methods It constitutes an intrinsic part of our daily life and we could not survive without it. Amongst its countless benefits to our health and our planet, WATER is the ultimate natural detox tool to the human body. The recent Detox Craze has reached phenomenal proportions, with manufacturers frantically marketing products that promise instant cleansing and purification, in an attempt to fulfill – such an overwhelming market demand. By highly publicizing their successful detox experiences, stars like Beyonce – amongst others –… Continue Reading

Tips and Tricks: Hydration

Good hydration makes good sense as part of a healthy lifestyle. Most of us would agree this so please see some tips below that any Drink two litres of water per day. Start by drinking a glass of fresh water when you get up in the morning. If you are not used to drinking water regularly, try initially replacing just one of your other drinks a day with fresh water, increasing your consumption as the weeks go by. Ask for a glass of tap water… Continue Reading

Water and the Human Body

Water is a vital ingredient for the function of the human body. Seventy five percent of our bodies by mass is water. Outwardly we need water to clean and protect our bodies, to keep us free from infection caused by bacteria. It is needed for chemical reactions within the body and for transporting other substances around it. A daily intake of water is important for the digestion of our food by aiding its conversion to the required nutrients. It also aids the removal of the… Continue Reading

What is water and why is it good for the human body?

Water is the most common chemical compound on planet Earth. There is so much of it that if the earth’s crust was made absolutely smooth, water would cover the entire planet to a uniform depth of 2.5km. Water is a unique substance in that it occurs naturally in all three possible states of matter – as a solid (ice), as a liquid and as a gas (vapour). Only 2.8 per cent of the Earth’s water is fresh and of that small proportion only 6 per… Continue Reading