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About us

We would like to introduce you to Gorilla Water Coolers as we are currently saving business up to 40% on their current water cooler spend. We are an independently owned, bottled and mains-fed water cooler supplier based in the UK. We also are leading the market in service and sustainability. We only buy British sourced products.

There is over 90 years of water cooler experience within our team. We supply all aspects of the commercial market from Offices, Gyms, Reception Areas and even homes.

Ethical Water Coolers

To continue our commitment and achieve our Green Credentials we:

  • Transport machines packaging free
  • Refurbish and re-site used machines, thus extending the life of our equipment
  • Recycle all cardboard
  • Offer recycling service on our plastic cups
  • Always use local suppliers where possible to reduce carbon foot-print
  • Stand be the rule of “Refill. Not Land Fill”

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