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“Are you drinking at work?”

“Are you drinking at work?”

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A latest report into keeping dehydrated at work
86% of respondents believe that they should be drinking five or more glasses of water a day, yet only 13% actually are.

46% of respondents are drinking only one or two glasses of water a day at work.

64% of companies reported that men don’t drink as much water at work as women; instead they turn to tea, coffee and soft drinks; they also tend to be less health conscious than women, and not as aware of the health benefits of drinking water.

“The number one trigger for daytime fatigue is lack of water,” says Ken Buckley, Director of Healthworks Corporate. “2% loss of body water brings on symptoms of dehydration which includes increased heart rate, and affects motor control, decision making and concentration.”

“Drinking seven to eight glasses of water a day is ideal and while 53% of respondents agree, it’s not being put into practice in the workplace,” says Buckley.

Convenience was cited as a major factor in reminding people to drink water regularly, with companies that provide their employees with a water solution reporting higher consumption.

Sources: Healthworks Corporate

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