Gorilla Water Coolers

It’s easy to lose track of the day when you’re working, having fun with family and friends or just generally going about day-to-day life. Are you drinking enough water? This is the last thing you’re thinking about! However, hopefully after reading this blog we can be sure that staying hydrated is one of your number one priorities!

So lets start with the basics! The daily recommended average intake of water you should drink a day is around 6-8 glasses. (This can include tea, coffee etc.) In litres, this works out at around 2 litres a day. Although this sounds like a lot, you would be surprised how beneficial it Is to your body! After just 2 weeks of drinking this amount of water daily and staying hydrated, you’ll definitely begin to see positive changes to your lifestyle. Some things you may notice include: Clearer skin and a glowing complexion, more positive mood/mindset and so much more!

Your body is made up of around 65% water and without it, we wouldn’t be able to function. So keeping hydrated is even beneficial to maintaining general health. Make this change today, drink more water and see the impact on your life! And when someone asks you “Are you drinking enough water?” you can help them too on their journey to a healthier lifestyle!

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