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Tips and Tricks: Hydration

Good hydration makes good sense as part of a healthy lifestyle. Most of us would agree this so please see some tips below that any

  1. Drink two litres of water per day.
  2. Start by drinking a glass of fresh water when you get up in the morning.
  3. If you are not used to drinking water regularly, try initially replacing just one of your other drinks a day with fresh water, increasing your consumption as the weeks go by.
  4. Ask for a glass of tap water to go with your coffee and tea in cafes.
  5. Drink a glass of water before and during each meal.
  6. Hot water with a piece of fruit in – like lemon, lime, orange etc.- often helps those who want a hot drink.
  7. Carry a bottle filled with chilled tap water with you whenever you leave the house.
  8. During exercise, drink at 10 to 15 minute intervals or think of it as a full glass every 30 minutes – drink slowly and drink early, it’s physically easier to do this when you are still feeling fresh.
  9. Keep a check on your urine. As a general guide to hydration, it should be plentiful, pale in colour and odourless.
  10. Ask for a jug of iced tap water with your meal when in restaurants and with your alcohol when in bars – good establishments will be happy to provide this.

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